The Jewish tolerance center was in the center of the scandal, posting a vacancy

Moscow’s Jewish Museum and tolerance center placed on one of sites of search of work the job of bartender-waiter — for this position were invited to the “only the citizen of the Russian Federation of Slavic appearance”. The publication caused a scandal in the Network.

the Jewish center of tolerance disgraced because of jobs “to the Slavs” —

— news+ (@Mam1ba1) June 14, 2020

Users of social networks in a sarcastic manner he praised the “approach” of the Museum to find employees. “Tolerantnenko…” — was poironizirovat users.

the Museum was forced to explain — they said that the ad was placed by an external company and the subcontractor made a mistake. According to PR-Director of the center Nina Dymshits, “the situation can be explained by misunderstanding or by initiative,” it quoted The Insider.

In connection with the incident, the Director of the Jewish Museum and tolerance center Alexander Boroda has published on its website an open letter. In it, he noted that “cooperation with the persons bearing the responsibility for this, was immediately terminated.” Beard added that he believes the incident “open provocation rather than a real request.”

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