Adele has not returned. The concern of a fugue, is the successor to his parents ‘ home a reality that they must recognize: their daughter left because she is radicalized. Under the name of Hasna, it appears in a terrorist attack murderer in the Halles in Paris, one finds traces of its existence in Raqqa, the capital of the infamy.

the news the more sinister therefore burst at Marion and Antoine, the French of today, separated, parents of two teenagers. Marion is psy, she cares for the children of others, it leaves him little time for his family. But as said her ex-husband, a shrink that wants to capture.

Marion is launching a survey on the last month, Adele’s on the right side of the barrier. A dive in the daily life of a young girl in a full traversal of this age without pity, that is the adolescence, in an era of injunctions to physical tyranny of the brands, runaway social networks. And this battery of questions: how does a young well-to-do and without history, who …

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