After you have carried out a uk tour in the first part of Arctic Monkeys in September last, the two brothers of the Lemon Twigs were products of the Leather goods from Paris. The are again back in our lands, in order to defend their second album, Go to School , the pearl of the last year.

A disk-like musical comedy in which the pieces were written, recorded and mixed at their home in Long Island. The two miracles pop Brian and Michael D’addario, tell the story of the story of Shane, a chimpanzee raised as a boy and encountering the obstacles of life among the human beings. In the casting of the album, there is a huge Todd Rundgren, the pioneer of the power pop genius of the studios in the seventies, as well as Jody Stephens, the drummer of the too unknown group Big Star.

Revealed in 2016 with Do Hollywood, the Lemon Twigs cast in a pop-soaked melodies and an ambition that is rare in our time. Assuming their next vintage, the two brothers share a fascination for the power pop, progressive rock and pop symphony as they practiced before their birth to the end of the 1990s.

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