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A new era in the Star Wars universe yet already so extended. After the movies, animated series, video games and comics, here is the first tv series in live action: The Mandalorian . And for the occasion, Lucasfilm has put the package as we can find, and Jon Favreau ( Iron Man, the jungle book, The lion king ) to the creation and Dave Filoni ( Clone wars , Star Wars Rebels ) to the production. Side casting is Pedro Pascal ( Game of thrones, Kingsman ) which takes on the title role with alongside Gina Carano ( Deadpool ), Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed from Rocky ) or Giancarlo Esposito ( Breaking Bad ). The story is set 5 years after the events of episode VI, The return of the Jedi . In a world still fragile, a warrior mandalorian (worthy successor to Jango and Boba Fett) is hired by the head of a guild of bounty hunters to find the living of a character not identified. He will cross on his road of imperial stormtroopers, highwaymen and a mysterious young woman in the course of adventures that promise to be epic.

A technical team and a dream cast

To launch his first tv series in real-world, Lucasfilm has made trusted to Jon Favreau. Actor, then a director of the first Marvel movies, Iron Man and Iron Man 2 , Favreau has already proven to be successful in the house Disney. After the jungle book, he has also directed the highly-anticipated lion King in live action, which will be released in the cinema in July. “When Disney gave us the opportunity to do a tv series, we were very excited,” says Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm. “And when Jon Favreau spoke to us about his project of the Mandalorian, we all knew it would be this one!” To strengthen the production, the patron saint of Star Wars, he was assistant to the services of Dave Filoni, the showrunner for Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels . The man lord cowboy hat screwed on the head perfectly knows the inner workings of the saga, since it had been chosen by George Lucas himself at the time. “George is also going to see us to give us his opinion and some advice,” said the creator of the series, Jon Favreau. “In The Mandalorian , the public will discover new scenery, new ships, new weapons and a new design. But we have kept all of that connected to the saga so that the universe is immediately familiar to fans.”

The head of gondola of the future platform SVOD, Disney+

– Side actors, it is Pedro Pascal, who has been chosen for the role of the Mandalorian. “It is a mysterious warrior,” says the actor. It has a doubtful morals, a bit like some of the characters of western. It is a very ‘badass’ but it is a character iconic. I am so excited to play it! When I came to see Jon Favreau, he had me just said that it was for a ‘trick’ in Star Wars. And there were images of the Mandalorian everywhere on the walls! I told him that I was ready to audition for any role of alien or droid, but he told me that he wanted me to play the Mandalorian. Whao!”

Another surprise of the casting, the presence of Carl Weathers, the famous Apollo Creed saga Rocky. He will play the role of a bounty hunter in search of a person as mysterious as important. “This is a project that crazy, foolish, tells the actor. But I am so happy to be a part of this new family and to present this series to the fans.” Other key persons: Gina Carano ( Deadpool ) will be an ally of the Mandalorian, while Giancarlo Esposito (the unforgettable Gus Fring of Breaking Bad ) will be the villain of service in the shoes of a commander of the Empire. Tour in Los Angeles – a first in the history of Star Wars – The Mandalorian has been thought and done “the old fashioned way” with a maximum of scenery real, including the vessels that will be mainly models. A return to the sources that should delight fans of the first hour. To discover The Mandalorian , it will be necessary to subscribe to Disney+, the platform of videos at the demand of the group is set to launch this year to compete with the global industry leader, Netflix. With a strong catalog featuring all of the Disney movies, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and now the Fox, Disney + will be available from the month of November in the United States. The platform is expected to arrive in France in the spring of 2020 for a subscription price which will be around 6,99€ per month.

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