The mayor has launched a programme of pilot testing of innovative solutions

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin approved the programme of pilot testing of innovative solutions in the capital. The corresponding decree published on the official website of the city mayor.

“In order to stimulate the introduction of innovative products and technologies the government of Moscow decides: to hold in Moscow the pilot testing of the proposed legal persons or individual entrepreneurs of innovative solutions: innovative, high-tech products, technologies or prototypes that possess new and (or) significantly improved consumer properties, technological characteristics, new methods of use and substantially different from existing alternative solutions,” the document says.

According to the regulation, testing innovative solutions will be carried out in organizations with the status of a site pilot test.

Also, the document says that the GBU “innovation Agency of the city of Moscow” will be the intermediary between innovative companies and sites for pilot testing.

the Registry of the sites pilot testing of innovative solutions will lead the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development, which will be the focal point of conducting such tests.

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