The mayor of Yakutsk, spoke against the trial of the shaman by Gabysheva: Any now can forcibly

the Mayor of Yakutsk expressed concern about the trial of shaman Alexander by Gabysheva. According to her, the case against him is facing a dangerous practice that “anyone can be sent for compulsory treatment”.

“no Matter, shaman or not, this is not for me to decide, and in the urban community attitude is different. But the great majority of us do not like the electoral kartellet against one person with an unhappy fate,” — she wrote in social networks.

avksenteva fears that in the future with the phrase “revaluation of the identity of” any person may submit to compulsory treatment. At the same time, she noted that he was not entitled to interfere in the court and only gives his opinion.

As reported, on 2 June the court of Yakutia will consider the petition for involuntary admission Gabysheva in the mental hospital. The medical Board concluded that the Gabyshev “dangerous to others”.

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