The media found out where Kim Jong-UN

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-UN is the North Korean city of Wonsan — he did not return to Pyongyang after a visit to the construction of the plant in early may. Cursorinfo reports about it with reference to Japanese and South Korean media, which in turn cited a source close to Ynu.

Why is he still there, is not specified.

media reports that the leader of North Korea seems to lead the non-public activities — visits the offices of the army and oversees the development of missiles and other strategic weapons.

earlier, the press reported that North Korean leader may be seriously ill or even died. Nobody’s seen him since April 11. After a wave of rumors about the demise of the UN, North Korean media released footage for the first time with the leader of the DPRK, on may 2 — he allegedly “appeared” on the opening of plant on production of mineral fertilizers in Sunchon. Since Eun to the public did not appear.

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