The media learned about US plans to create an analogue of the who

the United States has pondered over the analogue world health organization. The new structure can lead Deborah birx, which is responsible for fighting the epidemic of coronavirus in the United States, writes Politico.

According to media reports, in the administration of the American leader Donald trump is already talking about that idea. It is expected that the new organization will be a division in the state Department. The structure will deal with future outbreaks of infectious diseases, with a coordinator will be appointed to monitor all aspects of preparedness for pandemics.

the media writes that the idea has already caused disputes between the state Department and the U.S. Agency for international development, which feared loss of control over resources and power.

Previously, trump has repeatedly criticized the who for its actions during the pandemic, and even suspended the funding to establish all the circumstances. The US leader called the organization “a puppet in the hands of China”. According to him, who shall, within 30 days to guarantee the implementation of reforms and to “prove its independence”, if you want to receive funding from the United States.

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