The noble ceremonial of the Institute of France, is deployed to the installation of Jacques Perrin at the Academy of Fine Arts on Wednesday. Drum rolls for the Crab-drum, officially introduced under the dome by his friend Jean-Jacques Annaud. Jacques Perrin produced his first film, The victory in singing . Flash-back: in Abidjan, in the gardens of Cocody, Jacques Perrin dancing with the wife of the president, Marie-Thérèse Houphouët-Boigny… Shortly after, the charmer gets the support of the Ivory Coast. “I am not surprised: he was the partner of Gene Kelly”, notes Jean-Jacques Annaud. Allusion to the young girls of Rochefort , and hi to Michel Legrand. Macha Meril, his wife, is in the assembly, such as Claudia Cardinale, who has toured with Jacques Perrin in the Girl with The suitcase of Valerio Zurlini.

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The speech is bright and shiny, not even troubled by the technical incident that deprives them of their extracts of films screened: “It was the time of the silent movies!”, throws Annaud. He spoke of the three great masters of cinema Jacques Perrin. Zurlini first. Pierre Schoendoerffer, of course ; “the companion of my drive and dream”, said Perrin. Before the filming of The 317th Section , he had warned the young actor: “there will be no comfort, no hotel, no makeup… Your clothing will be your uniform, your shoes alone of pataugas for you to wear long time. This will be a difficult. I will not accept any complain.”

“Jacques said something very beautiful about his profession producer”

The third meeting will be that of Costa-Gavras. For Z , that no one wanted to finance, Jacques Perrin just become a producer, gets the support of the great filmmaker of algerian Lakdhar Hamina. It also is present under the dome.

Jacques Perrin receives his sword from the hands of his nephew Christophe Barratier, the director of the “Singers”. ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP

“Jacques said something very beautiful about his profession, producer”, continues Jean-Jacques Annaud, who quote: “I think we need to give, whatever the costs, means and time for things to be complete such that they must be fulfilled. Shorten, save in an authoritarian manner, means for me to mutilate. The risk is taken out on departure. It is important to bear it until the end”. The evidence, now the director-producer, “he specializes in a genre that it is the only one to dare to confront: the documentary naturalist-budget blockbuster!”

The tribute to Francis Girod

After greeting his passion of fighting for nature, Jean-Jacques Annaud, ends his tribute on a note of loving: Jacques Perrin is also inseparable from his family, “he likes to live and create within its close”. They are all there, giving the ceremony a relaxed atmosphere warm. According to tradition, the new academician pronounces the eulogy of his predecessor, Francis Girod, the dark spirit and sharp-edged. Costa-Gavras has not been able to come and give him his sword. It receives it from the hands of his nephew Christophe Barratier, the director of Choir. The composer Bruno was going down is in the audience, and the sound is back for this final musical. In his own way, Jacques Perrin is also a great choir director.