The Ministry of Finance has allowed to classify the procurement of law enforcement agencies and the Russian space Agency

the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation proposed to amend the legislation under which Regardie, the Federal guard service (FSO) and the state Corporation “Roskosmos” may not disclose information about their purchases, there will be carried out in a closed electronic form by analogy with the procurement of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

is currently classified public procurement of the defense Ministry, FSB and foreign intelligence Service. A year ago, Regardie offered to hide their purchases “to unify” approach. FSO asked to do the bidding closed because of “terrorist threats”. “Roskosmos” was proposed to classify procurements in the space industry because of the risks of information leakage and to combat sanctions, reports RBC.

Earlier, the Finance Ministry has proposed to unify the requirements for notices about purchases and requests, to repeal redundant and outdated requirements, and to allow the conduct of tenders for the construction with a simplified bid.

Modified by the Ministry, the bill proposes, in particular, to allow for purchases only in those participants who had previously performed contracts in the amount of not less than 20% of the cost of future procurements; establish a minimum size providing at least 10% of the initial (maximum) contract price.

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