The Ministry of industry and trade: Plant Rostec continues production IVL, burned down in Moscow and St Petersburg

the Regions of the Russian Federation did not refuse the orders for artificial lung ventilation (ALV) brand “Aventa-M”, which caught fire in hospitals of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“the Production is continuing in accordance with contractual obligations, and the regions do not abandon the previously made orders,” — said Manturov, quoted by RIA “Novosti”.

ventilators “Aventa-M” production “Ural instrument-making plant” company KRET (part of “rostec”) has been used in the city clinical hospital of a name of Spasokukotskogo in Moscow and St George in Saint Petersburg, where the accident occurred may 9 and 12, which resulted in the deaths of seven patients.

After this, Russian hospital refused to use the ICU “Aventa-M” to ascertain the circumstances of the tragedies, and the health Ministry has suspended their operation in Russia.

Earlier, Manturov said that the PLP in April increased the production of the ventilator 10 times to 700 units per month. According to him, the company provides almost three quarters of all deliveries of new medical ventilators. Just bought the Ministry of industry and trade to Federal and regional institutions 6711 units UPZ.

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