The great plateau of the Free Theatre is occupied in all its length by a wall of wood panelling, open, high windows. Simple and elegant device signed Ferdinand Woegerbauer that helps to give the space a human dimension and to support the acoustics. It intends to very well. One sees very well.

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how to say it to, smoothly, naturally, respectfully, is very elaborate. The acts follow one another in the flow front that is called the scenography

For this second staging of a great work of Molière in Paris, the director of the German Peter Stein did not seek something other than a clarity, a simplicity which will, we know, be taken for a lack of a point of view on the piece. And as much as it aggravates his case with decisions that have fun but are not worthy of such a production. One of the “small” Marquis is an interpreter, not very large, and the “desert”, seen at the very end, is made up of dunes, such as those of the Little Prince… in Short, Stein is the evil one, but he will incur the wrath of the critics, that’s for sure.

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Yet, in the sumptuous costumes by Anna Maria Heinreich, the actors defend their partitions with intelligence and sensitivity. How to say it to, smoothly, naturally, respectfully, is very elaborate. The acts follow one another in the flow front that is called the scenography. But we do not address here is not only to the room. The characters go on to exchange words and glances, and the body are eloquent, who are suffering under the suffering, the incomprehension, the rage.

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This is especially the case for the Alceste, the man with the green ribbons on his costume black, Lambert Wilson. He plays “furioso”. Her pain and helpless tears away the heart-rending cries. This Alceste is less of a misanthrope than a moods madly in love. Lambert Wilson is very convincing and very personal in his incarnation. His friend Philinte, the impeccable Hervé Briaux, he also is a great sentimental and the scenes with the wonderful Éliante of Manon Combes are superb. Arsinoe, fielleuse and bitter, such as the plays of the great Brigitte Catillon, is very interesting. Jean-Pierre Malo, acute in the drawing that he made of the Orontes with his poor rhyme, moved in spite of the ridiculous. We greet the Dubois Jean-François Lapalus, the Basque Patrice Dozier, guard Dimitri Viau and we find the couple at the Dubout of the marquis: the great Paul Minthe, excellent, and along Leo Dussollier, a little in withdrawal.

Célimène is an artist rare, Pauline Cheviller. With her beautiful soft face, his eyes, his voice so harmonious, it gives the impression of 20 years of this very young woman, terrorized by the projects of the “desert” of Alceste, as she enjoys yet, in this version. But it stuns, and having fun. She is really flirtatious and love the lie.

You see, the evening is very “morning classical”, very smooth. We expected more from a legend of european theatre.

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