Dagobert, D’artagnan, Louis XIV and France: the Paris Mint on Monday launched a new collection of 23 pieces of history, the sale of which will contribute to the financing of the restoration of the heritage. For each currency, money bought, one euro will be donated to the heritage Foundation, contributing to the financing of the projects of the Mission Bern.

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Twelve pieces were unveiled Monday, including nine of ten euros, two-fifty and two-hundred euros. The facilitator has collaborated with the Paris Mint to select 23 ancient coins in the heart of the Médaillier which brings together around 80,000 objects. About twelve cardboard boxes, the parts are represented with images of the characters or events corresponding to them. On the back, Stéphane Bern has written short texts that recount vividly. They may be purchased at the Money, in post offices and tobacconists partners, on the sites, numismatic, and in some houses of the press.

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The room 10 euros “Louis XVI” is sold for 13 euros. Monnaie de Paris

The collection started by king Dagobert, who in the Seventh century hit his profile by the goldsmith Eligius, the famous good Saint-Eloi. It continues with William the Conqueror: this piece shows the military power of the dukes of Normandy. The Middle Ages is evoked by a piece bearing the effigy of Philip IV le Bel, at the time of the dark Templar. The play “hundred years War” represents John II the Good horse, sabre au clair.

In the case of “D’artagnan,” it is the Sun King through the review of the musketeers, which is figured on a coin. A case entitled “Louis XIV” offers another piece to the portrait of the bourbon king, majestic, perruqué and cravaté. In 1791, a piece is stamped with the legend “Louis XVI, king of the French” surrounding the face of a king under surveillance. It is through this image that is very accurate that it will be recognized and arrested at Sainte-Menehould as he tries to escape to Varenne.

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The play “la France” which contains the burning, Georges Mathieu had done to the old piece of 10 francs, is sold at its face value of 200 euros. Monnaie de Paris

Finally, the emperor Napoleon poses as a young and powerful on a franc germinal in 1803. The last four parts are devoted to the symbols: the Eiffel Tower, erected for the universal exhibition of 1889, is depicted next to an allegory of Paris adorned with a crown. On July 14, 1790, the feast consensus of the Federation of French, one year after the storming of the Bastille, inspired by a piece commissioned by the Assembles constituante.

In 1986, the medal illustrates the Declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen of 26 August 1789. The pattern of the last piece is none other than France: this is the new coin of ten francs minted in 1974 with a design that is already abstract, that changes the codes.

currencies Dagobert, William the Conqueror, The knights Templar, the Hundred years War, D’artagnan, Louis XIV, Louis XVI, Napoleon and Eiffel Tower are sold for 13 euros. The parts 50 euros on The 14th of July and the Declaration of the Rights of Man are sold 59 and 63 euros. The play “la France”, which takes the burn as Georges Mathieu had done to the old piece of 10 francs, is sold at its face value of 200 euros.