To see

• The name of the earth , the drama of Edward Bergeon, 1h 43minutes

Stone a 25-year-old fiance Claire takes over the family farm. Twenty years later the operation was expanded and the financial problems also. Dark stone more and more into depression in the face of the shame that overwhelms. The name of the earth is poignant. The director Edouard Bergeon recounts the story of his own father. Canet makes his lost dignity. It crumbles in slow motion, the fight against the tragedy. Such is the sad condition of the farmers in 2019. This observation, of sobriety, rare, tears like a song of Barbara. Say, when come back to you? The question resounds in the silence of death.

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• Bacurau , a drama thriller from Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles, 2h 10min

In the near future, the fictional village of Bacurau in Brazil is mourning the loss of its matriarch died at the age of 94. After this event the inhabitants find that their town has completely disappeared from the radar… The spectrum of Bolsonaro hanging over this valley with blood. The leader of the far-right espouses the law of the strongest. With their weapons, those of the cinema, Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles try to fight back.

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• Downton Abbey , comedy-drama, Michael Engler, 2h 03min

The aristocrats and the servants of the most famous of the BAP the british bend over backwards to receive the king George V. The series fans in costumes will love. The other laugh in front of this slight comedy of manners where Maggie Smith is imperial.

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You can see

• Rambo: Last Blood , action, Adrian Grunberg, 1hr 40min

In this last part, Stallone became an old cowboy, with a family of adoption. When the one he raised as his daughter was kidnapped by the mexican cartels, Rambo goes for a last fight… Supported by “Sly”, the mexican director Adrian Grunberg performs a small action film to the former, râpeux, ultraviolent, linear… and quite melancholic. Stallone is ruthless with his hero a fetish. It is the end of an epic, the end of a world…

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• Those who work , the drama of Antoine Russbach, 1h 42min

a senior executive in a company of sea cargo, Frank wasted no state of soul. It is even less the type to ask questions. He was in the habit of handling crisis situations. Except that due to an error, he was thanked by his company, his whole universe collapses. Antoine Russbach, the developer attaches to the not of its main character, with a sobriety that highlights the correctness of his misadventures. Extending her non-spoken, without music and with an economy of dialogue. Olivier Gourmet carries with mastery the film on his shoulders.

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• Port Authority , a drama of Danielle Lessovitz, 1h 34min

The meeting in New York between a young white to the street and a pretty black transsexual fan of voguing. Cute but too much romance and not enough dance.

• Steve Bannon, the great manipulator , a documentary by Alison Klayman, 1h 31min

The gray eminence Donald Trump made the rounds of the leaders of the extreme right in Europe before the elections of 2019. A good overview of the rhetoric of the “nationalists” against the “globalists”.

• Do not necessarily believe that I screams, film diary of Frank Beauvais, 1h 15min

In the midst of islamic terrorism, Frank Beauvais fear of the nazism, he hates the police violence, but regret the communism… There is no interest. But this diary made up only of quotations film is a rigorous and extraordinary beauty. Under the ideology debatable, a force lyrical indisputable.

• The small masters of the grand hotel , a documentary by Jacques Deschamps, 1h 15min

The training of the students of the école hôtelière Lesdiguières de Grenoble. A film friendly and interesting for those that like to get into the behind the scenes of a business. A pity that it is still too amateur, especially in the scenes of a musical comedy, which are a good idea, but would have asked for a more cared for.

To avoid

• The Turkey , a comedy by Jalil Lespert, 1h 25min

Pontagnac continues Lucienne of his attentions to his home. It then falls nose to nose on the husband who is none other than his great friend Vatelin. In the film by Jalil Lespert shot of the classic Feydeau, the turkey and the stuffing, it is the public. The characters flowing of air without causing the slightest laugh. “Everyone can be wrong”, proclaims the poster for the film. This is not a reason.

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