Ludmila Pagliero is the one of the ballerinas the most interesting of the Ballet of the Paris Opera: precise, musical, and an intelligence drama that forces the admiration. It may well have been formed in Argentina, it deals with a lot of serenity, the idea of his not in those of the masters of the Nederlands dans Theater, based in The Hague. She played in three parts that go to the directory: Three gnossiennes, of Van Manen, as well as two pieces of Sol Leon and Paul Lightfoot, Sleight of Hand , on the music of Philip Glass, and Speak for Yourself, on Bach and Reich, and under a curtain of rain.

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Ludmila Pagliero and Hugo Merchant. Eléna Bauer – Opera national de Paris/Eléna Bauer – Opera national de Paris

“This is a good work experience, research on the space and the pure emotions, without narration. The idea for the dancer to arrive is to make them feel, ” says Ludmila Pagliero. At the beginning, it is difficult. It is actually the movements are very extreme and very long, it is not enough to dance in a big way. It is necessary to achieve the thickness: the space should not be understood as an empty thing but, on the contrary, thick, like water for example. This allows you to dance to on the lookout for sensations, and without rigidity. It is very interesting and this creation of atmospheres that appeal to the viewer is the signature of the NDT, which has a long history punctuated by the masters.” Sol Leon and Paul Lightfoot are indeed passed through the hands of Van Manen, and Jiri Kylian, it would have been interesting to see in the evening.

Ludmila Pagliero dances the two duos Three gnossiennes and Sleight of Hand with Hugo Marchand. It is very large, it’s not that much. They are paying their balance, muscles, figure and charisma. Highly anticipated moments.

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