Already some twenty countries visited. Hundreds of dates. Performances in five languages. And, since the beginning of the month, an exclusive contract with Naïve Records… At 22 years old, the pianist savoyard Alexander Prévert has what to be filled. The concept of “stand-up classic”, which he launched in 2016, seems to have finally found its audience. To such a point that he just has to file the trademark with the national Institute of the industrial property!

And yet, the young man is only at the beginning of his love story with the public. He has not finished writing the fourth season that he is already thinking about the sixth. His signature Naïve? It will be formalised shortly by an audio disc and not a DVD, it does just that. Its way to remember that, sometimes, the words and the notes are sufficient to move or to make people laugh. Without gestural virtuoso. Without facial expressions supported. “It is unique: he was able to create a style that belongs only to him” , writes Romain Vivien, general manager of Believe. The French company, …

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