Anne and Patrick Poirier are known as the Pear tree.”Their work is resolutely contemporary through the exploration of our relationship with the forgotten cultures. It wakes up our question about the fate of humanity and the time counted civilizations. It forces us to consider the vanity of life and its unique value. The aesthetic quality of their work uses a universal language that returns everyone to the beauty of the memory, the emotion of the passage of time, the richness still present in the man’s genius”, says their friend and gallerist Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand. With “Romamor”, they return to the source of their couple and their art.

LE FIGARO. – Why tell the architect and the archaeologist and non-artists?

Patrick POIRIER. – When we had to redo our passports to go to Japan, in 1969, we had no desire to be defined as artists or even sculptors. Too general, a bit vague, unsuitable for us …

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