The announcement was made on Thursday by the organisers. Gary Knight, one of the photoreporters of war the most formidable of her time, will preside over the 26th edition of the Prix Bayeux. He succeeds the american journalist Christiane Amanpour, president, 2018. Director and co-founder of the agency VII, Gary Knight has been “almost unanimously in a profession not always tender between its different members,” said at a press conference Patrick Gomont, mayor of Bayeux, a commune in normandy co-organizer of the award with the department and the region.

The function vital and essential part of the story of war

staff Photographer for Newsweek in the years 1990 and 2000, he covered the conflicts in ex-Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Liberia, the Congo, Israel and Palestine. There will also be the president of the prize World Press Photo two times. One of his photographs the most striking has been taken in Kosovo in 1999. A silhouette drawn on the ground. Like chalk after a murder. Kola Dusmani has been murdered by the paramilitary russians in a small village in Kosovo. The house where the crime was committed was burned. The mark of the body, it has remained. Indelible.

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“the story of The war is indispensable for the civil society, the justice and the respect of fundamental rights”

Gary Knight

“I am very honoured to preside over this year the jury of the prix Bayeux and pay tribute to the men and women who will send us reports and pictures of the theatres of war, said Gary Knight, in a press release. I find this particularly important, at this time when the political and governments are increasingly taking to the media, including in countries where freedom of the press is enshrined in the Constitution.” “It is essential for civil society, to our sense of justice and responsibility, and finally to the respect of fundamental rights of the Human person,” he added to emphasize the character always critical of war reporting.

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The poster for the 26th edition is a photo signed by Mahmud Hams of Agence France-Presse, winner of the award in 2007 and 2018. Extracted from a report to the Gaza strip in 2018, it represents a Palestinian who has lost his legs, throwing from his wheelchair, stones during clashes against israeli forces.

The poster for the 26th edition is a photo of the Gaza strip, signed Mahmud Hams (AFP). Mahmud Hams 40 000 visitors for the edition 2018

The festival’s international jury will award seven prizes in total. They reward a report on a conflict situation, or its consequences for civilian populations, or on the news about the defence of freedom and democracy.

The candidates for the 26th Prix Bayeux must be send before 7 June reports between 1 June 2018 and 31 may 2019. The price photo, radio, tv and written press are each equipped with 7,000 euros. Nearly 350 reports are candidates every year according to organizers. The 25th edition had attracted nearly 40,000 people including 400 professionals. See you from 7 to 13 October .