The physician explained in which cases the mask to wear on the street

first and foremost, the mask is used in enclosed public spaces. About where the product will need, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was told by the dermatologist medical center’s Clinic Denis Barbinov.

According to him, means of individual protection actually prevent the spread of infection. To abandon them was not worth it.

“Therefore, in closed public spaces and on the street where there is a large concentration of people (stops, pedestrian crossings, etc.), the mask wearing is recommended. However, it will only be effective when used properly,” said Barbinov.

He recalled that after 2-3 hours of constant wear, the mask is moistened, ceases to perform its functions, and the accumulated microorganisms are dangerous to humans.

Previously the dermatologist told about the dangers of rubber gloves and suggested alternatives.

we will Remind, in St. Petersburg from 1 June softened the mode of increased readiness. Citizens are not allowed to use personal protective equipment on the streets. Masks and gloves are only mandatory in retail outlets, enclosed spaces and public transport.

According to the latest data, the Northern capital has registered 16 thousand 313 cases COVID-19, died 213 people.

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