Since the month of February 2018, visitors to the Smithsonian Museum, in Washington, can discover the portraits of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. The peculiarity of the National Portrait Gallery is exhibiting works of art depending on the personalities represented, and not of their creators. According to the Washington Post , the arrival of portraits of the presidential couple in the gallery resulted in an increase of the frequentation of the museum of more than a million visitors.

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The portrait of Barack Obama, which was exhibited in the wing reserved to the presidents of the United States, has been directed by Kehinde Wiley. UPI/UPI/ABACA

Barack and Michelle Obama had chosen to honor the african-american community in selecting the contemporary artists Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald up their portrait. Some critics came to question the artistic choices of the two artists, in particular Wiley for the break casual of the former head of the United States, and the bottom flower in front of which it is represented. Now, the two works of art are the main attraction of the museum in Washington, where many have been coming to see “the Obama”.

to Inspire generations to come

Interviewed by the Washington Post on the reasons of this popularity, the museum staff explained that visits were as much of an artistic curiosity than a kind of pilgrimage. Since the inauguration of president Donald Trump, and the exhibition of these portraits, visitors seem to be seeking, for some, a form of hope and solace to the representations of the former presidential couple.

Amy Sherald was chosen by the former first lady Michelle Obama to draw up his portrait. UPI/UPI/ABACA

“as a museum of history and art, we have learned in recent decades that the best portraits have the power to initiate a dialogue between the leaders of the world and Americans more common,” says Kim Sajet, director of the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, in the description of the exhibition. “Both of these paintings fall precisely in this category, and we’re sure they will inspire for generations to come.”

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While Obama continues to excite the crowds despite their withdrawal of american politics, the current head of State Donald Trump multiplies the scandals. The latest comes from his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, who was recently accused with the Congress to buy his portraits by his own foundation, at the auction. The goal? Walk away with the honors of having “sold” his portrait at peak prices. Decidedly, is not Obama who wants to…

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