The President of Abkhazia is sure that Russia will compensate the losses due to coronavirus

Russia will make up for the funds which were missing the budget of Abkhazia for pandemic coronavirus. Such confidence was expressed on the eve of the President of the Republic Aslan Bzhania at a meeting with members of Parliament.

“during the last visit to Moscow we asked the Russian side to help us financially. Only in April in the revenue side of our budget we did not get the 207 million rubles, the picture may more difficult”, — quotes words of the head of the Republic of Sputnik Abkhazia.

according to Bzhania, Russia will replenish the state budget at the amount he will get.

“This is primarily of salaries, pension and social benefits and issues related to the provision of medical care”, — said the President of Abkhazia.

Recall that at the end of this week in Abkhazia, it is planned to open the beaches.

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