in Front of the monumental gate of the palais de justice, Metz, austere residence of the military governor in the Eighteenth century, dozens of artists come to Paris to discuss with one of their three lawyers. The statues that surround them are warriors and that is exactly the state of mind of the dancer Josepha, Sami, head wardrobe dresser, Nicolas actor, and Delphine, a production assistant. “After the Congress palace, the palace of justice,” jokes Michael, whose silhouette and the dance steps were used to fabricate the hologram of Claude François.

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two years ago, all were on-scene in Hit Parade , a show that resurrected Dalida, Claude François, Mike Brant, and Sacha baron cohen through their holograms. Today, and fifty musicians, dancers, devotion and fervour, sound technicians, video operator, technicians, lights, and stagehands are asking to be paid for their work. “Fortunately, we all remained very cohesive,” says François, actor. Now when I go to auditions, I’ll look on the business register. If I see that the producer regularly offers his bankrupt companies, I am wary.”

It is a trial very special place. A lawsuit that throws the omerta of show-biz. He takes in a breath the small world of the musical and, more broadly, in the performing arts. Especially, it is of interest to the highest point Laeticia Hallyday and former manager of Johnny Hallyday, Sébastien Farran. Because the producer David Michel, whose name will be cited at the hearing not less than fifteen times, and in terms little flattering, is not anyone.

today, David Michel is preparing The Idol of the Young, a tribute show to the rocker in partnership with the M6 group and which should be given at the Casino de Paris in December for the two years of the disappearance of the idol. “We will do our best to ensure that this project solely mercantile does not see the light of day,” says Sébastien Farran, who hope that the trial of Metz will be consequences, including criminal. For its part, the prosecution of The Idol of the young are not yet committed.

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Tuesday, David Michel has not moved up to the hearing room woody, whose large windows overlook trees beaten by the wind. Legally, it is indirectly concerned. As his company’s Flower Power Productions, which produced Hit Parade is in bankruptcy, the trial pits the 50 artists in the liquidator, the SCP Noel Nodee Lanzetta.

“The best musical of 2017”

“At no time, the bad faith of the employee is not alleged and there is no fraud on their part”

Hubert Ruff, president of the commercial chamber of the tribunal de grande instance of Metz

At 14: 20, the room rises. Hubert Ruff, president of the commercial chamber of the tribunal de grande instance, Metz made his entrance. The tone is poised and precise, it recalls the facts. “Unfortunately for employees, the tour of Hit Parade from April to June 2017 was cut short. The last show was given at Bordeaux on the 20th of may. The production company was placed in receivership on may 31, 2017. After investigation, the date of cessation of payments has been set at 1 December 2015. During this period of time, the past actions are considered suspect. The liquidator has requested the nullity of the contracts of employment because the manager knew when he signed that he would hire the company well beyond its capacity.”

in the Face of the artists with their faces concentrated, tight against each other as if to give himself courage, Hubert Ruff a specific tone very human that”at no time, the bad faith of the employee is not alleged and there is no fraud on their part”.

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Standing in front of the bar, Adrien Perrot of the bar of Nancy stops to suck his pen and takes the defense of his client, the court appointed liquidator. In a quarter of an hour, he demolished the management of David Michel. “He claimed that his media plan has worked, and Hit Parade was considered as the best musical of 2017, but as soon as the first series of performances at the palais des Congrès in Paris, neither the public nor the critics are not convinced. The failure was resounding. It is already in cessation of payments, with a liability of € 9 million, which is huge in my eyes! It has never reached its threshold of profitability. Why, then, is to be obstinate to do a tour? By pride, it is the veiled face? He signed contracts with venues, with carriers and 50 CDD with artists that he knows his treasury exhausted, and that he will never be able to pay for them!”

“other contracts will be signed”

“The artists are punished by not being paid for their work, but David Michel today, has still not been punished”

Sandra Renda, a lawyer representing 48 artists

14h43. Sandra Renda walks up to the bar. Lawyer at the bar of Chartres, she defends 48 of the 50 artists. A clear and powerful voice, she is calling without looking at his notes. It is going to be fierce. “My clients have a bitter taste, she says, because the producer, David Michael continued, and realized in Paris, a new musical comedy The Idol of Young people. He continues with other shows, may be the risk that others are not also not paid for their services and this in spite of their good faith. In a few months, the company production of The Idol of the Young may be also put into liquidation. We have to stop this and that there are strong sanctions. The artists are punished by not being paid for their work, but David Michel today has still not been sanctioned. I hope Mr. president, that the prosecutor will initiate a liability action, that he is barred from management and that the liquidation be extended to his personal property. The employees would not understand that nothing is made in respect of the one who had deceived and wronged.”

The president Hubert Ruff interrupted. “You’re completely right. I would like that the liquidator be as reactive vis-à-vis these sanctions and of the contracts made by David Michel”, he says. Eying his colleague on the other side of the aisle, Sandra Renda took the ball. “We’ll be careful,” she says. It must be a reactiontif as by the rise of the curtain of The Idol of the young in December next, other contracts will be signed. It is necessary to stop these bad adventures. This producer is not at its first attempt.”

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Marion Borghi and Camille thanks its, which represent the other three artists, linked to each other. They also call for criminal sanctions. “David Michael is a con man who is not her first time”, says Marion Borghi. As they are in agreement with their sister Sandra Renda, their argument is fast. The amounts claimed are of the order of 350,000 euros in damages and interest. At 15.30, the hearing is adjourned. Everyone leaves, taking care to retrieve his passport, his identity card at the ground floor at the reception. A specificity of the court of Metz. Deliberate on the 23rd of April.