The Prosecutor's office of Ukraine saying that Poroshenko can arrest

the General Prosecutor’s office said the former President, the Verkhovna Rada Deputy Petro Poroshenko on suspicion of the publication of “manifestly criminal orders”.

“the people’s Deputy is suspected that, as President of Ukraine, 2018 through the issue of clearly criminal orders bowed military official — the head of the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine to exceeding their power and official authority, that is, intentional Commission of acts which are clearly outside the limits of the given rights and powers, committed in the context of the special period”, — stated in the message of office of public Prosecutor.

we are Talking about the alleged illegal appointment of Sergei Semochko, family members who have Russian citizenship and business in the Crimea, the foreign intelligence Service.

Today, Petro Poroshenko has visited on interrogation the State Bureau of investigation.

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