The psychologist explained the benefits of gradual removal of restrictions and return to normal life

the Psychologist Ekaterina Igonina urged Muscovites to observe moderation and do not seek to work up for the whole period of isolation in the early days of the weakening of the regime.

According to her, reports the Agency “Moscow”, the gradual easing of the isolation will help people to feel better mentally and physically and not feel the new stress.

“the realization that the threat of the disease albeit slowly, but retreats, already is able to improve the emotional state, mood, and to change the attitude to what is happening,” — said the expert.

She expressed the view that “a return to a normal lifestyle should happen gradually, in stages and not be spontaneous”. The psychologist also encouraged to avoid mass gatherings of people.

we will Remind that today in Moscow earned shopping malls, stores, shops, including hypermarkets, dry cleaning, laundries, workshops on repair of shoes. Also moskvichi was allowed to walk in parks and playing sports on the street.

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