20: 30. The Studio 104 of the Maison de la radio (Xvith arrondissement) is in a turmoil. All eagerly await the beginning of the piece the great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, adapted by Pauline Thimonnier. In the ranks, the discussion focuses on the headliner, unknown to the connoisseurs of theatre. He is the rapper Fianso, real name Sofiane Zermani.

the creator of The label Goodfellas, a native of Blanc-Mesnil is known to the general public for his troubles with the law. In 2017, it has been condemned for having blocked the highway A3 to turn his clip Leya. Today, it is well away from the court. The artist connects the projects. Between the two discs, the draft of which 93 Empire, he plays in the film the enemy Brothers of David Oelhoffen and turns under the direction of Rebecca Zlotowski in the series Canal + Wild .

In the summer of 2018, he distinguished himself in a new world: the theatre. Sofiane Zermani plays at the Avignon Festival, in the Courtyard of the Musée Calvet, an adaptation of Gastby the beautiful , directed by Alexandre Plank. The rapper, 32-year-old plays alongside Rebecca Marder of the Comédie-Française and Pascal Rénéric, actors renowned. The creation of France Culture meeting such a success that they decide, nearly a year later, devoting two dates in Paris.

A radio show with sound

Blandine Masson, director of fiction at France Culture and Sandrine Treiner, head of group, introduce the project to the public prior to the entry of artists. “This is a radio show with sound, there is no decor and it is even better because you can imagine everyone your own universe around Gatsby,” says Sandrine Treiner. The piece has been shortened, and only lasts 55 minutes, and it is for this reason that only three characters have been retained from the original work: Nick, Daisy and Gatsby.

The lights go out and the troupe moved on stage. The show is carried by the music, created by Issam Krimi. The conductor, between classical and hip-hop, is the one who proposed to France Culture caster Sofiane. He himself plays the piano alongside with trumpeter Shems Bendali and the quartet Mona, young women who play wonderfully on the violin, viola, and cello. Pascal Rénéric, who plays Nick, moved into the centre and poses the decor. He is assisted in his task by four choristers.

background music accompanies the words of the comedian. The music is modern, a time electro, other, R’n’b, and then more jazz. Rénéric is a worthy master of ceremonies. His monologues are long and captivating. It describes the feasts of the famous Gatsby with so many details and such ease that one can easily imagine it.

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Sofiane then enters the scene. Wearing a large black coat, he requires instant her presence. Its role would glue it to perfection. The story of the character of Fitzgerald echoed his own. Just like Gatsby, Sofiane is a hard. He fought many years to get where he is: father, actor, rapper and business leader accomplished. His debut on stage at the Studio 104 are a little hesitant. It bafouille, once or twice, but no one is out to get him.

Just like Gatsby, Sofiane is a hard. He fought many years to get where he is : father, actor, rapper and business leader accomplished

alongside actors experienced, it is largely up to it. In the Face of Rebecca Marder, from the prestigious Comédie Française, a Daisy, a naive and gentle, he does not lose face. The three actors take on the space, they come down from the stage and give the impression of directly contacting each member of the public. The staging of Alexander Plank is dynamic. The scenes flow at an unrelenting speed, no space is left to boredom. The play of light and the changes of musical atmosphere intensifies the emotions. The car accident happens, then comes the pool scene, the blood…

When the piece ends, Sofiane has a smile and generous on her face. It presents with pride and enthusiasm by the entire company. The public, conquered, applauds warmly. the great Gatsby will be presented a second time Friday at the Studio 104 will then be available for listening on the website of France Culture as early as 9 June.

Sofiane, a lover of literature and theatre since her childhood, will be the boards of the festival of Avignon to France Culture this summer. He will perform another mythical figure: Achille, in a new original creation from an episode of the Iliad .