One would have expected a simple album followed by a concert. But, to mark his return, ‘ Abd al-Malik sign a project protean: an audio book which was published by Flammarion with a show that combines poetry, song and dance. The origin of this double project, the exhibition at the Musée d’orsay entitled Black model , which, of Géricault à Matisse, sheds light on the representation of black figures in the painting.

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For the occasion, the museum has proposed to’ Abd al-Malik to refer to the table of Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, The Young black man to the sword , oil on canvas in 1850. And, leaving his imagination to stray around in this canvas, the rapper has designed nine pieces of this “poetic narrative” of the same name, where there are some older titles such as Other or Gibraltar . Then, ‘ Abd al-Malik turned to the dancer from burkina faso Salia Sanou in order that he imagined to turn a choreography on this music and these texts.


The result is as astonishing as attractive, both the dance and the words to respond ideally. On stage, four dancers, very athletic amplify the about by slow movements, and gestures sometimes interrupted in their momentum, in a form of hypermasculinité from which springs, however, an impressive sensitivity.

The theme, dear to the singer, is that of the encounter between Africa and Europe. “The literature has given meaning to my life”, is not tired of telling ‘ Abd al-Malik, a worthy heir of a MC Solaaret can also be a Fabrice Luchini for the care with which he pronounces his words. He proves it once more in a mixing of the texts of his pen to of to borrowed from the Flowers of evil of Baudelaire: “We live in a time of dangerous, he insists, the live set is a necessity.” At the end of the show, it is bound to be touched by the power of which emanates from the stage. And the emotion takes over the about.

cd Book (co-edition Presence Africaine, Orsay Museum 144 pages ) upcoming Tour next season, which will end on 19 and 20 January 2020 at the city Theatre.