Visit the Grand theatre of Geneva it is through the two centuries of history. First, there are the public spaces through which one enters the building: the entrance hall, the grand staircase, the fireplaces that date back to the Nineteenth century, and then the living room was renovated in the 50’s. The facade of the building in the Beaux Arts style has regained its superb: the sculptures have been restored and the four famous muses, tragedy, dance, music and comedy have been protected. Another pan of the renovations will escape without a doubt to the eye of the beholder: the reconstruction of the entirety of the roof, which guarantees that now the best energy performance of the building. The work has been full of good surprises: under the old veneer laid in the 50’s, it was discovered, on the ceiling and walls of the lobby, beautiful marble and stucco. The surprises don’t stop there: as soon as one passes the atrium, one is struck by the warmth of the wood of the ceiling. Curiously, these had also been covered by false ceilings. Left and right of the stairs that overlook the noble floor, you can admire a sumptuous mixture of real marble fake marble, and frescoes of Léon Gaud completely restored.

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Is accessed as well to the homes in the most beautiful way. The grand foyer, where was the bourgeoisie to the intermissions, is in the purest style of the second empire. The frescoes, evoking the music tragic and the joyous music of Paul Milliet, have regained their sparkle and the fireplace Rath dazzles now with its gold. In contrast, in the focus lyric, you can admire the tapestries which were sewn to the wall. Finally a few touches of modernity: the ceiling of the former Italian-style theatre has been equipped with LEDS that flicker is irregular causes the illusion that the famous milky Way of Jacek Striyjenski turns on itself. The two bars in the basement and the first floor also offer a nice contrast with a very contemporary style sleek. As for the artists, they will appreciate the addition of new rehearsal rooms under the sidewalks surrounding the grand theatre. The cost of the renovations has reached to 73 million swiss francs, supported both by the city of Geneva and by private investors.