No, Brad Pitt did not save him a second time, the world of an apocalyptic war of zombies. According to the website The Playlist , World War Z 2 was scheduled to start its shooting in the month of June, in several countries, including Spain and Thailand. After five years of preparation, in particular to fine-tune the scenario to suit the film’s director David Fincher, the project falls in the water: the second component of the adaptation of the novel by Max Brooks has been canceled by Paramount studios.

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World War Z is yet the greatest box-office success of his actor star, Brad Pitt. Released in 2013, the blockbuster movie was about the quest of Gerry Lane in search of an antidote to counter the epidemic of a zombie virus that devastates humanity. To reassure the production, David Fincher had presented a draft of the following below the $ 190 million that had cost the first film. But Paramount has preferred to promote a franchise to success almost certain in the signing of two upcoming installment of “Mission: Impossible”. After the very good returns for Fallout (2018), the us studios have seen no longer have room in their schedule to place World War Z 2 .

But the explanation would not only be financial. According to Konbini , the death of the president of the Paramount in 2017, the support of David Fincher and Brad Pitt, has worsened a little more the project. The overly long production of the film is also in question. The removal of the director J. A. Bayona, originally planned in the realization and preferred to concentrate on the filming of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom , has nothing easy. Besides the uncertainties on employment in the time of David Fincher, busy to finish the second season of his series Mindhunter for Netflix, and Brad Pitt, taken by the filming of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood of Quentin Tarantino.

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