“laughter is proper to man,” wrote Rabelais. The Cinémathèque française, the temple of the seventh art, has decided to follow the first precept of the great author and humanist, devoting, in April 2020, an exhibition entirely to the career of Louis de Funès.

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This news will delight the fans, who are used to playing again and again jokes comic Louis de Funès. Because his jokes have kept, despite the passing of time, a happy euphoric effect. The blues, the moments of renunciation are forgotten as if by magic, by those who have the good idea of reviewing Le Corniaud , La Grande Vadrouille or Rabbi Jacob . The tv channels are familiar as to the therapy of happiness. Each and every time they need to reassure themselves with a record audience, they plan the king of laughter.

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The triumphs posthumous Louis de Funès and his recent dubbed by the very respectable institution, however, have not time to appeal to all moviegoers and particularly to a few intellectuals sorrows that continue to believe that the intelligence in 24 frames/second would definitely be sad. In the journal Turncoat , whose motto warns that flipping through its pages, “you choose the camp of the culture”, the recognition of the talent of Louis de Funès by the Cinémathèque française looks like a farce. An article entitled Louis de Funès and the new bien-pensance , summed up the disgust that can inspire the game of this former pianist of bar relegated for (too) long to the third roles.

The words and expressions used by our contempteur to express the misfortune which has just the hit can scare those who think simply that the comic actor knew how to distract them, mocking with a rare talent for the defects of men. For Turncoat , and its critical point of self-pity in the face of these distractions considered childish. It is necessary to declare a state of alert because the enemy is at its gates: “This announcement (the exhibition de Funès at the cinematheque, editor’s NOTE) gives me discomfort and anxiety.”

Louis de Funès : too popular for the cinémathèque française ? – Look on Figaro Live

François Truffaut admired the talent of Gérard Oury

But what is it that can make him so worried? This is not the game of de Funès in himself that he dedicates to the gibbet, but being drawn almost in spite of himself by what he called, with a hint of condescension, “popular culture”. And so what if a lot of intellectuals, and not least, no longer afraid to say and even write that they love Pouic-Pouic or The Little Bather . This “new bien-pensance” is intolerable. And he intends to fight it. His oukase will therefore be without appeal:”it should be said clearly here: the career of Louis de Funès is not an excuse for an exhibition at the Cinémathèque française.”

How could one convince the reporter from Turncoat is well-founded that there is to host Louis de Funès at The Cinémathèque? In the French cinema, François Truffaut was directing movies at the same time as Gérard Oury. In 1965, the first wrote the latter a letter of admiration: “And me, I found it very well-the Corniaud. ” it Remains to know if Truffaut, by this admission, became a champion of a new well-pensance. ..

In tribute to the qualities of criticism of François Truffaut, the talented director of Gérard Oury and the comic genius of Bourvil and Louis de Funès, Le Figaro present in the video, below is an extract of the Corniaud .

Le Corniaud by Gérard Oury, 1965, with Louis de Funès, Bourvil, Venantino Venantini…