What a public servant has built a kitchen personal in the workshops of Mobilier national, as revealed by Le Canard enchaîné ? Wednesday morning, during a press conference, in Paris, the CGT of the Mobilier national has tried to exercise a “right of reply” in the face of the onslaught of criticism, there is a week, by the Court of auditors. The union, a majority in the house, had even drawn up a list of arguments to counteract a report “riddled with inaccuracies”, in particular on the working time or the level of wages. Then, of course, “the wig” in the workshops, was admitted to the small band of activists gathered in a room of the Manufactory of the Gobelins. But not as it was written in the “report littering” for the institution. “We have the ability to use the work space for our own work with our hardware, and outside of working hours. As for the person who has done her kitchen, she has had several disciplinary sanctions and is today part”, have explained these agents.

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“We are the last to know how to restore furniture royal identical”

Close the ban? Throwing a veil on the merits of this resurgence of the past, over 30 units of function that are still active in the Furniture or the generous hours of union delegation denounced by the court, the group does not decide on the merits. Upset to be accused of drinking too much alcohol at their place of work , they prefer to speak of their “pride” to work in this sector of the “French excellence”, created under Louis XIV. “We are the last to know how to restore furniture royal at the same, and that nobody talks about”, has launched a young employee. Besides, it is a part of them that have been on the assignment for the restoration of the salle des fêtes of the Elysée palace, the same one that the yellow vests criticize at length signs. “Some taxpayers do not understand the usefulness of the work,” says Nicolas Mantel, a trade union delegate of the Furniture and manufacturing industries. Yet, nobody here negation of the site which has created so much turmoil. “The president of the Republic must be our VRP”, has even launched a workshop leader, on Wednesday.

“During heritage Days, we can see that our work is of interest to the public”

But the report of the Court of audit has opened a pandora’s box that cannot be shut not as easily. All the former directors of the house were told its heaviness and its resistance to change. The 358 officers in the idea that the national Furniture is one of the last places where the past must be maintained, in the name of the transmission of know-how and ancestral. They intend to continue to manufacture, build or restore the national collections in the refinement of the art, regardless of the time of placing. “During heritage Days, we can see that our work is of interest to the public,” notes one of them.

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Whereas, on the contrary, that his model is “out of breath”, the Court advocates a reform of the Furniture and its manufactures. It would, she estimated, to adopt another status (EPIC), allow him to work for the private or even the urge to empty the reserves of furniture and carpets, described as “huge”. On this last point, the trade unions, as well as the director of the institution, are not closed. “Sales frontier, it has already had. And even if they do not yield much, this can be done,” says the union. But it is above all the current status – as well as that of the staff – and do not see a good eye the arrival of the private within its walls. “It is a political question,” judge Nicholas Mantel.

“The patrons, you know ! They have accounts in tax havens”

The organization of fashion shows, menswear Hermès, during the Fashion Week, in the spaces Perret of the Goblins, is the sign, according to them, that the “drift” is already there. It is, however, far from the account, when one sees what is convenient to Versailles or to Fontainebleau. And the current leadership did not want to leave the seam of the patrons to dwindle, especially as its budget is small (4 million euros). She will have to fight against a part of the officials. “The patrons, you know! They have accounts in tax havens”, has dared a member of the CGT. As for the ability to create for commercial purposes, it has not the favor of the agents cégétistes: “a State institution does not intend to fatten up the art market”, in contrast they.

Before the summer of 2018, the former minister for Culture, Françoise Nyssen had already claimed a major reform to the Furniture, considering a combination of the manufactures of Sevres and national Furniture. The topic is on the table of Franck Riester. The latter is now accused, via this conference, which was in part intended: the part will be difficult for him.