What an entire book is devoted to an operatic performance, it does not happen every day. Whether it’s a reference book, where the beauty of the iconography of the dispute in the interest of the content, it is to mark a white stone. Any person who is interested in opera in general and Wagner in particular, should have in his library the book Castorf – Wagner – Der Ring des Nibelungen – Bayreuth 2013-2017, edited by La Pommerie.

The last time a production of Wagner’s ring cycle had led to the publication of studies, it was the Ring of Chéreau and Boulez. He had revolutionized Bayreuth and the history of the staging of the opera in 1976.

“It is no matter what!”

When we realized, in the columns of the Figaro , the Ring , directed by Frank Castorf in 2013, we had suggested that, as with Chéreau, there would be a before and an after Castorf Bayreuth. Remember that, at the first, the director of the German was welcomed to …

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