The Russian foreign Ministry commented on U.S. demands to free convicted of espionage Whelan

the Russian foreign Ministry does not agree with the American assessment of sentence convicted of espionage Paul Whelan. This is stated in comments on the Ministry’s website.

the report said: “as for allegations of injustice or undue severity of sentence, it must be emphasized that in the United States and in other Western countries, the punishment for the same act provides for dozens of years in prison up to life”. And without the right of pardon, added the Minister. Also there called “absurd and groundless” sounded in the Western media accused of “delaying” the process Whelan, the outbreak started on 30 March. The P. Whelan for six months delayed the familiarization with judicial materials, reading them without haste since September last year and March this, said in a commentary.

Recall, Whelan was detained in Moscow on 28 December 2018 and charged with spying for the United States. In the end, the man was sentenced to 16 years in strict regime colony. Prosecutor in the debate demanded for the accused to 18 years in prison. Whelan and his defense claim that he became a victim of provocation.

Earlier today, Secretary of state Michael Pompeo on behalf of the US demanded to release Whelan on freedom.

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