The Russian President announced the creation of a new hypersonic weapons

President Vladimir Putin in a television interview said the leadership of Russia in the development of new types of weapons, including hypersonic weapons.

According to him, to shoot down hypersonic missiles today and still can’t no, however Russia is very close to production “kontrobersyal” remedies.

a High likelihood that Russia will be able to create new weapons before other countries and “surprise partner”.

“When they have these weapons will appear, with high probability, we will have the means of combating these weapons”, — Putin said an interview that aired on “Vesti Nedeli”.

currently, Russia is actively modernizing its military capabilities and puts into operation new facilities.

“And in this sense it is safe to say that by this measure we are today number one in the world”, — said Putin.

the President reminded that the defense becomes even more relevant in light of the unexpected U.S. decision on withdrawal from the Treaty on missiles (the INF Treaty).

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