The Russians suggested that life be dismissed from public service officials hiding overseas travel during a pandemic

On the website of the Russian public initiative (ROI), a proposal on lifelong deprivation of the right to occupy state and municipal positions of the officials, concealing their trips to countries with dysfunctional epigastrium during a pandemic. The authors note that amid a difficult situation with COVID-19 “we see a shaft of cases where people holding state and municipal positions, including managerial, conceal their travel in the territory of the unfavorable epidemiological situation, and coming to the place of permanent residence, start your regular activities, exposing ordinary people to the danger of infection.” In their opinion, officials must understand what threatens “such disregard for the lives of the people around him”. “This measure will force officials to think about their behavior and what they serve. This measure should not be temporary. People going into public service must always be aware of their responsibility to society, and it is this lack of responsibility has identified the epidemic of coronavirus in our country”, — stated in the proposal. As one of the penalties of such officials proposed to ban them for life to hold any public and municipal offices. “The same approach should apply to workers of health and education”, — stated in the text of the initiative.

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