The Russians want to deprive chutes

the government has proposed to change building regulations, in particular to exclude the construction of blocks of flats with refuse chutes, because they do not allow for the separate collection of waste. Norm is contained in the implementation plan of separate waste collection, which is approved by the Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramenko, reports “Interfax”.

the plan Also stipulates preparation of proposals for increasing recycling of food waste in residential neighborhoods, all the way to installation in food waste disposers.

Abramchenko said that now, with the existence of a garbage disposal, it is impossible to plan the widespread separate collection of waste. We need a unified system and integrated approach, which will be directly linked to the business processes and activities of participants in the whole chain of handling trash.

Also in terms of a block of regulatory changes aimed at defining the legal framework of handling recyclables and to increase the transparency of the waste management system as a whole. So, legislation is proposed to introduce the concept of “municipal solid waste”, “secondary resources” and the definition of mechanisms for their treatment.

in addition, the plan contains measures to promote recycling, including tax incentives, to maximize the recovery of secondary resources and their involvement in the economic turnover. For example, it is proposed to legalize the activities of reception of secondary resources from consumers, to exempt individuals from paying personal income tax in the delivery of secondary resources; to reduce the cost of the population for waste, collected separately in containers for separate waste accumulation, etc.

Another measure is the introduction of the Federal scheme of the whole chain of collection and movement of secondary resources. The objective is to increase channel utilization number of secondary resources, increase of economic effectiveness of the system of treatment of waste, we are talking about business, and reducing payments.

All these measures will result, if established record turnover of secondary resources, noted in a press-service of Abramenko. To do this in the state information system of accounting of municipal solid wastes in the Federal scheme of treatment should be made information about the suppliers and regional “trash” operators; the volume of secondary resources, deposited by consumers and the volumes of secondary resources for processing and disposal, volume of secondary resources involved in turnover after disposal.

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