The storm, which is hitting the Scala does not seem to calm down. In cause, the search of foreign funding, which led the institution lyric from Milan to knock at the door of saudi Arabia. The agreement was ready, but eventually bowed under the weight of a heavy political controversy in Italy.

But now, the press transalpine has since learned that the Academy of la Scala of Milan approved a project for the establishment in Riyadh of a conservatory which will host 600 children led by teachers from the prestigious Italian institution. A new which is surprising because la Scala had announced on march 18 that she was going to make several million euros to saudi Arabia after a controversy over a financing agreement which provided for the entry of the saudi minister of Culture at the board of directors of the theatre.

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The project of the conservatory of Riyadh has been approved Tuesday by the board of directors of the Academy Foundation arts and crafts of the Theatre of the Scala, presided over by Alexander Pereira, says the economic newspaper, Il Sole 24 Ore. La Scala, Milan, was not available Thursday, in the middle of the day. The project “is one of the points provided by the agreement that Mr Pereira was in the process of negotiating with the prince Badr bin Abd Allah, the minister of Culture of saudi Arabia, and rejected by the board of directors of the Foundation”, says the daily. The agreement with Ryad was a funding of 15 million euros, of which three million already paid will be refunded.

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According to press information, the future conservatory of Riyadh will open its doors in September 2019 and will offer courses of singing and music as well as dance classes to boys and girls from 6 to 10 years. It is expected to accommodate 600 students supervised by enseign0ants from the Academy of la Scala. The Academy of the la Scala is considered one of the most prestigious institutions of training of professionals in the performing arts.