With nearly 4 million euros for a small bronze of the Italian Renaissance in the highlight of the sale, the dispersal of the rich collection Fernand Lafarge, which consists mainly of sculptures, met with a resounding success on Wednesday evening at Artcurial. The pieces to be auctioned have passed for a total of € 6.2 million, with only 9% of returns. Two-thirds of the buyers were foreigners.

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This is an Allegory of architecture, bronze with dark brown patina, after Giambologna, dated around 1600 and small in size (35 cm high), which has dominated the auction, and carried 3.8 million euros by a collector in europe. “The results obtained by the sale of the collection Fernand Lafarge and the record price achieved for the sculpture after Giambologna confirm the relevance of the choice of the collector informed,” responded Matthew Fournier, director of the department of old Master and Nineteenth-century auction house du rond-point des Champs-Élysées.

This “Allegory of architecture” was sold for € 3.8 million. ARTCURIAL

Fernand Lafarge had gathered together a collection mainly dedicated to the sculpture during the second half of the Twentieth century, in Amiens. One of the only paintings in the sale, a primitive, dated to the Fifteenth century and originally from picardy or burgundy, representing the Resurrection of Lazarus, was sold 381.000 euros. The collection included works by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, including a sculpture group on the theme of Ugolino, Carpeaux considered his most important work, and which has sold 343.800 euros (compared to an estimate ranging from 100,000 to 150,000 euros).

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The collection, in addition to some Maillol and Bourdelle, included works by old civilizations: the Parthians, the Egypt of the time of Akhenaten, during the roman and gallo-roman, Fayum, civilizations of America, the Eskimos, China, and Indochina, of primitive art, african and oceanic.