The state Duma passed the third

the state Duma adopted in the third reading the third package of legislation to support citizens and businesses in times of coronavirus, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

the Package groups a set of measures previously announced by the President of the Russian Federation. Among them — the increase from June 1, the minimum allowance for child care for unemployed parents up to 6 752 thousand rubles; support of self-employed; assistance to small and medium enterprises, tourism, etc.

Laws provides a number of tax benefits. So, the self-employed will receive one minimum wage, which will be able to send naru fee taxes. It is also proposed to exempt from personal income tax, social workers working with patients with coronavirus.

Support will be provided to tenants of the most affected sectors of the economy, which until October 1, unilaterally can terminate the contract with the landlord without penalty, but this will be subject to certain conditions, for example, if the landlord refuses to reduce the rent.

a Number of provisions aimed at supporting the tourism industry and protecting the rights of tourists, who will be able to obtain certification for payment, but has not implemented the tourism product. But if the tourist don’t use such a certificate, he shall be entitled to demand the return of money and interest.

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