The heart of the emmental background for the music: such is the conclusion of an experiment conducted during several months by the High School of Arts in Berne, in a cellar of refining of Berthoud, in the west of Switzerland. After six and a half months refining the sound of the rock of Led Zeppelin, the music of Mozart or rap of Tribe Called Quest, the organizers announced Thursday night that the cheese Beate Wampfler, cheesemaker-affineur of this town located in the valley of the Emmental, had different tastes based on the melodies that they have “listened” to.

A well-organized

Since last August, the small wheels of cheese were placed in open boxes in wood placed above a speaker offering the music streaming. In the program: The magic Flute , the Mozart of techno, Stairway to Heaven of Led Zeppelin or even the hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest to the stacks nearby. A cheese with a non-vocalized was used as reference, while others were rocked by the stream sounds of different frequencies.

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“We did two surveys, one scientific, the other with a panel of experts (culinary),” says Peter Kraut, deputy director of the music department of the High School of Arts Bern and spokesperson for the jury. The two have come to the conclusion that there are differences of taste and scent, according to the music with which the cheese has been refined, and this pleases us much that this experiment produces an outcome that is so positive.”

according To this study, the cheese is subjected to the hip hop proves to be particularly fruity both in terms of smell than of taste. FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP

“The group of cheeses who has listened to hip hop and the low frequency was really on notes a lot softer, a lot more floral”, was held by the swiss chef Benjamin Luzuy, which was part of the jury of experts. “We’ll finish our experience with a third survey, a scientific research, a biochemical investigation to determine if there are differences (related to music) in the composition of the cheese,” explained Peter Kraut.

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Beate Wampfler was delighted with the result. All the more that he wished that the cheese hip-hop is distinguished in order to connect the younger generation with the cheese tasting. “There are already people who call me: is it that you have cheese with Balkan music? You have the blues? Do you have AC/DC?”, he entrusted them with a big smile. Next to him, pretty labels in letters gothic of the names of musical styles of “country”, “blues”, known to lie in wait, awaiting the next tests…