A history of the family far from the world of Middle-Earth. John Tolkien, a catholic priest and eldest son of JRR Tolkien, creator of the universe, the Lord of the Rings , may once again tarnish the family legend. Accused in the early 2000s to have abused children in the course of his career, the man of the Church, who died in 2003, has attracted in the last year the attention of the IICSA, a british organisation dedicated to cases of sexual abuse on minors. An investigation had been opened into the acts of pedophiles committed by four priests of Birmingham, including John Tolkien.

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JRR Tolkien, creator of the famous stories of Middle-Earth. Rue des Archives/Picture Alliance/Street of the Archive

A record dating back to 1994, reported by The observer , sheds light on the dramatic story of a new day. John Tolkien y admits to having himself been touched in his childhood. “Boy, I was constantly surrounded by my father and his colleagues. All, almost without exception, were academics, and some of them were guys rather strange…”, remembers John Tolkien. “Often, they stayed home to sleep. Several times, I discovered in the morning that someone had joined my bed in the night”, he adds.

when John Tolkien would have experienced such touching, JRR Tolkien was a professor at the university of Oxford, and had among his friends the scholar and writer CS Lewis, author of the literary series Narnia . “More often than not… I do not want to name anyone in particular, but let’s say that a certain person – that I really liked, not in any way sexual, though – fell asleep quickly and I woke up with her snuggled against me in the morning,” continues John Tolkien. Let’s say that things unfolded the night. I knew it. When you wake up with the pyjama bottoms removed so that it was threaded before going to sleep, one wonders necessarily, isn’t it?”

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The recorded interview was conducted by Christopher Carrie, the man at the origin of the complaint filed against the son of the great writer. Two witnesses at least have been brought to the attention of the police for the facts that occurred in the 1950s and 1960s. The father Tolkien would have been “sent to processing” at the end of the 1960s before returning to his ministry in Birmingham. The catholic Church has not reported the facts to the police in 1994, and no legal action has not been undertaken before 2001. If the complaint of Christopher Carrie has led to a confession from John Tolkien, according to a note of the time, the accused would have been deemed too ill. Spared by the justice, he died in 2003, at age 85. The roman catholic Church, would nevertheless be paid a financial compensation of 15,000 pounds to Christopher Carrie in 2003. The latter died last year.

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The controversy resurfaced when a biopic dedicated to JRR Tolkien, is set to release in theaters on June 19 in the Hexagon. The film Tolkien has already attracted the wrath of the family heir of the writer. It had the aim of returning on the youth and the formative years of this famous author.