She claims to be “safe” 99%” of his find. The author Jo Vigor-Mungovin has given to the BBC have discovered the remains of Joseph Merrick aka “the Elephant Man”, in a cemetery in London.

Author of a biography on the phenomenon of fair, known worldwide – Joseph: The Life, Times & Places of the Elephant Man -, it is launched in search of the remains of the man who died in 1890. His skeleton is preserved at the Royal London Hospital but the place of his burial, where were buried the remains of his body (soft tissue in particular) was until then unknown.

Skeleton of Joseph Merrick, retained the Royal London Hospital. screenshot YouTube

The investigation of Jo Vigor-Mungovin was conducted on the footsteps of another legendary character: Jack the Ripper. The first elements have led the author to Whitechapel, a district in london where there was in 1888 the terrible murderer. It is also the same neighborhood where the “Elephant Man” died in an accident two years later, at the age of 27 years old, probably suffocated in his sleep by his head disproportionate. He will be buried on April 24, 1890, thirteen days after his death.

“I started by consulting the archives of the cemetery. I looked in a window of eight weeks at the time of his death and the page number two was the name of Joseph Merrick”, she explains to the british radio. “Everything is consistent, it can’t be a coincidence!” With the help of experts, a grave anonymous is then localized. A commemorative plaque will soon be installed.

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“the Elephant Man” has been immortalized by David Lynch in his film, 1982. John Hurt plays the role of this deformed being daily humiliated, yet with a deep intellect and a great sensitivity. The director will receive the same year, the césar for the best foreign film.

This character will be repeated at the Folies Bergères in November by JoeyStarr. The former girlfriend of rapper, Beatrice Dalle, could camp Ms Madge Kendal, great comedian in the uk that takes under her wing the young unfortunate, for it ceases to be subject to popular vengeance.

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