“The winter settles gently into the night, the snow is queen in turn…” If you recognize the lyrics of the song Released, issued ( Let it go ) remained top of the charts for nine weeks (and even longer in your head) and oscar winner in 2014, you’ll be happy (or desperate), but it is off to a tower. Ready for the new wave?

What happened to the blonde queen Elsa, who sometimes has trouble controlling her powers of ice and his sister, the fearless and redhead princess Anna? And the unpayable Olaf, snowman doubled in VF by Dany Boon, Kristoff the adventurer and his reindeer Sven? They are all present in this first trailer, together in the face of a kingdom to the fall colors. Previously, Elsa finds herself in a fight, panting in front of the ocean. As Vaiana , she’s walking on the water, trying to escape someone or something. The snow would have melted in his ice kingdom? An air of fable ecological in the face of global warming. The atmosphere is dark, far from the kingdom of Arendelle. The two sisters wear new dresses, quite sober and close to the previous, which should again panic kidswear.

This second part will again be directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. Side music, the composers oscaris├ęs Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez will also be on the adventure. As regards the casting of votes, there should be alongside Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel (Elsa), Josh Gad (Olaf) or Jonathan Groff (Kristoff).

With The snow Queen, released in France in December 2013, Disney has reached the peaks. The movie brought back two Oscars, best animated and best song in 2014. With more than 1.27 billion dollars at the global box office (and 5.2 million admissions in France in 2013) The snow Queen became the biggest hit in the history of animated films. The adventures of Anna and Elsa rank even today at the eighth place of the most profitable films of all time, behind Avatar and other Avengers . Besides the astronomical revenues of derivatives of all kinds to the effigy of the two sisters, beloved of girls all over the world and many small boys. Disney had announced as early as march 2015 it concoctait a result of The snow Queen.

The Disney studio had fed Frozenmania with the release of a short film, A feast frosted march 25, 2015, to wait before the sequel to its animated hit. And if Disney was doing in 2019, the next record year at the global box office ? With The Lion King , Aladdin, Star Wars , Avengers and Toy Story 4 , the entertainment giant is expected to reap exceptional results. And the Queen of The Snow 2 , take everything on its passage.