Plébsicité by the spectators upon its release, with nearly 5.6 million entries, The Tuche 3 blew up the box office by 2018. The big French comedy is yet to steal the first place in the ranking published by The French Movie . The magazine has compiled the list of French films the most profitable theaters in 2018 and the sacre returns to low-budget film: Love blur by Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot.

To calculate this rate of return, also called the depreciation rate, The French Movie has established the ratio between the reported budget of the film and its revenue (the number of entries made in the classroom more the support funds allocated by the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée). Love blur , comedy release on the big screen in October 2018, was attended 194.356 spectators who came to relax in front of the adventures of two ex’s who decide to continue to live together after their separation. The film achieves a return of 155% with a budget of around 437.000 euro.

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comedies in the head

A trifle in comparison to the budget of the third episode of the family Tuche, which amounted to 14 million euros. With a return of 151,45%, the film manages to rise to the second place. The top of the ranking is practically monopolized by the comedies. Just behind the podium, one finds All up Frank Dubosc (17% profitability for 13 million euros budget). The actor from Camping has managed to attract 2.4 million viewers thanks to his new film, in which he co-starred with Alexandra Lamy.Then come to the appointed to the Caesar, Mademoiselle de Joncquières (79,96%) and The deep (78,28%), followed by The Ch’tite family (73,07%), The Game (71,54%), and Taxi 5 (62,47%).

And the last position goes to Robbers elite , an action film directed by Steven Quale, which reached 0.25% of profitability, a disappointing score for the company EuropaCorp Luc Besson.

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Profitability does not mean success at the box office

Already in 2017, the first position of the ranking was somewhat surprising. Two years ago, the documentary Light, the adventure begins of Thierry Frémeaux, general delegate of the Cannes film Festival, came in top of the list with a record profitability of 2778%. The feature-length film on the Lumière Brothers, pioneers of cinema, had attracted 125.000 spectators in cinemas, for the shoe-string budget of 15,000 euros. In parallel, of the successful movies such as the blockbuster Valérian (6.81 era%), or even the comedies Raid Crazy (46,85%)and (157,77%) had rates of return far more modest.

same player shoot again in 2016, Thank you, boss! of François Ruffinest the most profitable film of the year (1052%) with its budget of 168.000 € and its 518.158 entries. The documentary of the member of parliament for France Insubordinate exceed The Tuche 2 (103,83%), Stingy! (86,55%) and Camping 3 (71,50%) . Proof, if it is, that the productions of low budget can very well hold their own in the game.