The adventures of Tuche are not completed. During a speech at the 44th annual ceremony of Caesar, which occurred on Friday evening in Paris, director Olivier Baroux has announced that it is working on the fourth installment of the successful film. “You start to shoot in January,” he said at the time of receiving the César for the public to The Tuche 3 , which was attended by nearly 5.7 million of French cinema.

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behind the scenes, the acolyte of Kad Merad has confirmed this information, indicating the theatrical release for December 2020. “The story happens during the Christmas holidays, but not necessarily report,” he said, without saying more about the plot. “The Tuche, I know because I am from this community there. My mother was a cleaning woman, my father is shopkeeper, my cousins are truck drivers, other bakers or farmers, he added. I’m a part of it as I’m in the cinema, but where I’m from. I can’t make fun of these people. I wouldn’t know how to do it. I know, I know how they are at the bottom of themselves.”

The success of Tuche does démord not. While the first installment, released in 2011, had gathered a little more than 1.5 million curious people in the dark rooms, the second has won over $ 4.6 million of French in 2016. With 5.7 million spectators, The Tuche 3 has made it better.

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