The US and Britain: China needs to comply with the Hong Kong

the United States and Britain believe that China must abide by obligations of the former British colony of Hong Kong. This statement was made by the US state Department after the phone conversation, Secretary Mike Pompeo and British foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

During the conversation the parties discussed the attempts of Chinese authorities to “impose” the Hong Kong legislation on national security and agreed on the need to urge others to “answer the constant erosion of Beijing autonomy of Hong Kong”, the report said.

Earlier Pompeo told the U.S. Congress that Hong Kong no longer has autonomy, stipulated in 1997, with the transfer of the territory from Britain to the PRC authorities. This conclusion of the state Department can lead to a change in US policy in respect of Hong Kong. In addition, the us authorities may impose sanctions against the Chinese authorities for actions in respect of autonomy.

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