Acquired in the 1990s by the duo of flagship of parisian fashion as Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, the villa Mabrouka, “house of chance” located in Tangier, just find a buyer in the person of the designer Jasper Conran, son of Terence Conran. The new owner “without doubt, continue the rich heritage of the property and will contribute to the renaissance as a vibrant and cosmopolitan Tangier”, announces the foundation Majorelle Garden, led by Madison Cox, in a press release. Creator of collections of ready-to-wear women’s clothing, but also costumes, scenes, Jasper Conran, also in love with Morocco, has opened a hotel in Marrakech, in 2016, in the heart of the medina.

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The foundation Majorelle specifies that the proceeds from the sale will benefit the foundation’s moroccan Jardin Majorelle, a non-profit, in accordance with the instructions of Pierre Bergé, co-founder of the house of Yves Saint Laurent. The income will be used to fund cultural initiatives, educational, or charitable in Morocco.

Love from Morocco

The villa Mabrouka was the one chosen by Yves Saint Laurent for his last years. He had confided to Jacques Grange, the renovation and decoration of this beautiful house. The designer and Pierre Bergé had, both, a long-standing relationship with the united chérifien. In 1966, the duo went for the first time in Morocco. In Marrakech, they have spent happy days and take the habit to go there several times a year. Yves Saint Laurent draws on the spot the inspiration for some of his collections. With Pierre Bergé, they will continue to invest actively in favour of Morocco. The Majorelle Garden and the museum Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech are the two witnesses of their moroccan passion.

Since the death of Bergé at the age of 86 years, several properties of the designer are passed under the hammer. Last year, 800 art objects that belonged to the businessman and esthete and from his four residences, have raised € 27.5 million, setting a record at Sotheby’s in Paris.