the Movement “Voice” in the period from 25 to 30 June received 1 thousand 587 appeals and complaints regarding voting on amendments to the Constitution. Signs of violations found in 682 posts, the organization reports.

According to preliminary data, recorded: coercion of citizens to vote, a gross abuse of power and illegal activities of election commissions, illegal campaigning, as well as multiple voting, stuffing, violation of secrecy of voting, violation of the principle of collegiality, opposition to civil surveillance. Also noted is the lack of necessary conditions for voting and anomalous turnout in some regions.

In “the Voice” I believe that the rules of the current voting do not allow to identify the free will of the people. The corrected total package, not secured equality of rights of supporters and opponents of the amendments in the campaign.

“how voting takes place does not correspond to the Russian constitutional or international standards of expression,” concludes the Voice.

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