Conferences, a myriad of authors, events, shows…. The comic is going to invest in a fourteenth edition, the streets of the city of lights. More than 270 international authors will participate on 8 and 9 June at the 14th Lyon BD Festival in many places of the metropolis for exhibitions and original shows that make up the uniqueness of the event in lyon.

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The festival will open with a “BD fest party” open to the public in the form of a “concert of drawings” by the British Charlie Adlard, artist of the COMIC book The Walking Dead , which inspired the famous television series.

In the same vein, the designs of the French Pénélope Bagieu, author of books on success, Josephine and Culottées , will accompany the group’s music Brigitte at the festival “off” expected 1 to June 30. “We have always wanted to work with the authors to make them interact with other disciplines and create formats new can become a gateway to the comic book”, points out Mathieu Diez, director of the festival, which welcomed more than 80,000 visitors in 2018.

other authors like Charles Berberian, the grand prix at Angoulême in 2008, the American Bill Morrison, former editor-in-chief of Mad magazine is well known to bédéphiles, Étienne Davodeau ( progress ) or Aurélie Neyret ( The notebooks of Cherry ) will be highlighted in various forms.

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Everywhere in the metropolis, exhibitions and meetings will invest 45 sites for some unusual, such as an underground car park in the city centre, but also museums, theatres, bookshops and cinemas on topics sometimes to the margin of the 9th art as the drawing press or the illustration.

The hotel de ville and the palais de la Bourse will be the heart of the general public event. There held many meetings and “master class” during which the authors will direct. The young audience has not been forgotten with workshops tailored supposed to allow him to “understand the creation of a comic strip”, while the parents can entrust their children to the managers of the “Lyon BD junior” in the hotel de ville.