Ralph 2.0 , Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, 1h53

“I called Ralph and I am a villain. I measure 2,70 metres, I weigh in the 271 kilos and I have a pretty bad temper. I’m demolisher, I break things…” In the manner of Shrek Dreamworks, Ralph embodies Disney’s ” the ugly heroes, gigantic, funny and endearing at the same time. With his sidekick, the intrepid racecar driver Vanellope von Schweetz, he is back in a sequel signed Rich Moore and Phil Johnson. The two friends leave to explore the web to try to buy a replacement part for a faulty game. In this enigmatic space, the filmmakers have confronted the two heroes on Internet sites, must-sees such as Google, eBay, Twitter, or even BuzzzTube, the equivalent of YouTube. With the shock of the impact cultural and generational, adults and children will recognize themselves in the evolution of the characters.

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Dragon 3 the hidden world , Dean DeBlois, 1h44

The last pane of the Dreamworks studios always Dean DeBlois shows the hero trainer of dragons become a leader facing Grimmel, a slayer of dragons renamed. With a new character, a female dragon, white which Krokmou falls in love. He advocates for the same values of tolerance, respect of difference and integration. Once you become familiar to the strange beast -mixture uncertain of turtle and dinosaur, children and parents allow themselves to once again be carried away by the adventures of brave warriors. This third chapter, as dense as the Lord of The rings , will delight young and old.

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Wardi , Mats Grorud, 1h20

Told with puppets, the history of Wardi, 11 years old, a Palestinian who lives with his family in a refugee camp in Lebanon. A movie about transmission and identity, which has the value of testimony. Just, sensible and not devoid of humour. From the age of 8.

The Great Lego Adventure 2 , Mike Mitchell, 1h48

Bricksburg is invaded by Lego Duplo. After the passage of these monsters from elsewhere, the city of Emmet and his band is transformed into a field of ruins. A sinister atmosphere prevails on the premises. It’s like being in Mad Max . All the plastic toys in the city have the morale in the socks. All, except the ingenuous hero of the first component. “Everything is super-awesome”, égosille does it again with innocence. When an extra-terrestrial malevolent landed, taking with him as Batman, Lucy, and his friends, Emmet will have to redouble their courage to come to their aid. With a narrative built around the themes of friendship and the quest of the self, this second “Great Adventure” with quirky humor, sometimes childish, offers two levels of reading which will appeal to children as to adults.

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Tiny 2, the Mandibles of the end of the world , by Thomas Szabo and Hélène Giraud, 1h32

This “suite” of Tiny: The Valley of the ants (1.5 million spectators and César for the best animated film in 2015), is signed by Hélène Giraud and Thomas Szabo. Once again attentive to the infinitely small confronted with the infinitely big, the two authors, directors and offer an adventure movie way pirates of the Caribbean amazingly sexy and romantic. And always based in sound effects and almost without words, “in the spirit of Jacques Tati”, and with classical music.

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