Since you started working from home, you no longer have a schedule. You don’t need to wake up early anymore, so you stopped having a routine. The problem is that you know that this lifestyle isn’t going to last forever. Some places are now beginning to ease restrictions. It means that employees can gradually get back to work. If you have to wake up early and start to work again, you have to reset your body clock. Otherwise, you wouldn’t get sufficient sleep.

Gradually change your sleep pattern

If you started to sleep past midnight during the lockdown, you have to return to your old sleeping habits gradually. If you used to sleep at 10, you could adjust your sleeping time. Perhaps, you can sleep 30 minutes earlier than usual. You can keep going back until you start to sleep at ten again. It would be difficult since your body has to readjust, but you need to be patient.

Don’t nap in the afternoon

Another reason why you couldn’t sleep easily at night is that you always take a nap during the afternoon. Even if you feel tempted to do it, you need to stop. Napping messes your sleeping pattern. Take a rest if you feel exhausted, but don’t close your eyes and sleep.

Avoid snoozing your alarm

When you set your alarm at 8 in the morning, you have to get up once the alarm sets off. You can’t keep on hitting the snooze button. Train your brain to get off the bed when it’s time to go to work. You should also find something to be excited about, so you will decide to get up right away.

Don’t use your phone before sleeping

The phone emits a blue light that tricks your brain into believing that it’s still early. The same is true with your computer. You have to stop using these devices at least an hour before bedtime. If you still don’t feel sleepy, you can get a paperback book and read.

Have a relaxing bath

It would help if you tried bathing for about 30 minutes before you hit the bed. It allows your body to relax. It also helps drop your body temperature and make it easier for you to sleep. You can invest in a new freestanding tub to have an elevated bathing experience. Consider for some of the best choices.

Don’t eat close to bedtime

You also got used to having meals while on your bed because you’re watching your favourite TV shows. It’s time to let go of this habit. Worse, you also drink coffee to keep you up. Stop these habits right away so you wouldn’t have a hard time going to bed.

Resetting your body clock takes time. There might be instances when you already tried putting yourself to sleep for an hour, but you can’t. You have to be patient and keep trying. Take note of the actions that worked and repeat them. Eventually, you can comfortably sleep at night and feel refreshed the next day.